• With the mika tracking & event app, athletes are optimally accompanied., while fans and spectators take part in every event up close.

    When using “My Race” athletes get important information live on their smartphones: The current position, split times, but also the expected finishing time can be observed mobile. Furthermore, the athlete can share his current position on the track with spectators & friends at selected events. The prerequisites are GPS coverage, availability of the respective mobile network as well as sufficient data volume.

    For fans, family and friends, either along the track or at home, the mika tracking & event app offers the possibility to compile a list of favorites from the circle of participants using “Track My Favouritses”. Current split times and positions are displayed on the map (depending on availability).

    The „Leaderboard“ also shows the leading athletes. Via various time measuring points, projections of the possible finish are displayed and constantly updated.

    For the organizer, the mika tracking & event app offers many possibilities: From small to large, for a very small or even a larger budget.

    The respective event can either be integrated in the m:t BASIC App or be adapted to the special requirements of the individual app (m:t CUSTOM). Thus the m:t CUSTOM App offers a higher attention: The event app is already listed in the App stores under its own name. The greater visibility is another added value for the organizer and his sponsors.

    The app service is seamlessly linked to the mika:timing results displays on the web.

    The app is fully integrated into the mika:timing results web features and no interfaces to third party providers are required, as with external app partners. This saves time and costs for the development as well as testing.

    Your advantage: one contact takes care of the entire process.


    What is the difference between the two versions m:t BASIC and m:t CUSTOM?

    The essential functionality of the tracking is equally possible for the athlete, his fans and spectators in both versions.

    The m:t BASIC version includes everything that makes up the core of the mika tracking & event app:

    • LIVE results presentation – online presentation of results during the event
    • Leaderboard – display of the leading runners including extrapolations of split times and finishes.
    • FavoritesOnMap – Extrapolations of split and finish times.

    In addition, extensions can be booked: additional languages, customized layout, additional routes or even “MY Race”: via GPS tracking, participating app users can be followed live on the running tracks within the map view.

    The organizer can make the app even more interesting for users and sponsors by adding features. Additional map information on “Points of Interest” (POI), e.g. for public transport or catering stations, can be integrated. Further modules for the presentation of sponsors, news and information or even links to external content, like video streams, round off the possibilities.

    The mika tracking & event app lists all events that decide to use the BASIC service. Thus participants and spectators can easily get an overview, select and start an event via the existing search function.

    The m:t CUSTOM version is the tracking app with maximum attention, uniquely tailored to specific events. In addition to the features of the m:t BASIC, many interesting attributes are integrated. Multiple languages, the import of additional map information, a higher number of screen views and much more are included in m:t CUSTOM.

    You determine the layout according to your wishes. Your own app is listed in the app stores with your name.

    Please contact us, so that we can consult you to get the best package for you.