• Where do I find my RegistrationID?

    The registration ID can be found on the participation confirmation, which you will receive from the organizer via email after registering for an event or by a separate mailing in the days before the event. Please do not pass your registration ID to others.

    How does the tracking work?

    The tracking is done by GPS, which is provided by your smartphone. The mobile data transmission has to be activated and sufficient network coverage must be available. Without the use of your GPS position, only predicted times of each split points will be displayed. Using the app during the event, your family and friends can follow your position during the race and your estimated finish time, both via live web results and the app.

    Who can track my position live on the results page and in the app?

    It's up to you who can track your position on the results page. Within the app, you can make certain privacy settings to allow either a live tracking of each viewer or of selected people only. The link to your results can be shared through various channels in advance.

    Can my friends also use the app to track me?

    Yes, the app is for athletes and audience. Via the “Favourites” feature, followers can track athletes.

    Additional information for relays:

    Relay members can register via the surname of the team applicant and their ID.
    Choose the relay members name from list when logging in.
    Stop and start the tracking with each relay change.

    What should I do to ensure that the tracking works optimally?

    Prior to the event, make sure your phone is fully charged. The antenna should not be covered during the competition. The best place to wear the phone while running is on the arm. For other sports, make sure the phone is not covered in a bag or similar.

    Can I use the app at other events too?

    The app can be used anywhere where the service is offered by the organizer. Make sure to check on the possible use of the app before every event you visit.


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