• The run is over, the athlete is happy at the finish.

    A selfie is quickly sent to his fans.


    Selfies are an integral part of everyday life – especially when something has truly been accomplished. In a modern way, the participant wants to immediately share his results with the world and the digital way into social media is fast, without great effort.


    Prolong the attention for your event and your sponsors by offering a platform with added value: the SelfieTime by mika:timing.


    How SelfieTime by mika:timing works:

    Participants can enter their bib-number manually or automatically retrieve their results by scanning their QR code or their transponder. Name and time are displayed on screens.


    Both the screen view as well as the background of the SelfieWall can be freely designed according to your requirements.

    Your logo, your look-and-feel, your sponsors.


    Your benefits

    • Easy setup with great impact: A large distribution radius is achieved by the dispersion in different social network
    • Great fun factor for the participants: Happy faces when taking the pictures – maybe even with a finisher shirt or a medal
    • You receive a results page that is adapted to your layout
    • Operating the SelfieTime is possible with little effort
    • Great recognition value for your event