• With the various mika:timing services we reach over a million athletes and even more spectators from various types of sport each year. You can use this high level of coverage to reach participants via various channels and to market your event. We reach athletes via event dates, start lists and text message and result services, thus creating numerous options to advertise sporting events.

  • Online marketing

    mika:timing's website is a central point of contact for athletes. It is where they come for information on start possibilities, registration deadlines as well as start and result lists. This makes the website the ideal platform for advertising your event. The events are presented in a running calendar as well as on start and result lists. Events can, for example, be positioned as an advertisement in the running calendar with a direct link to the event page. Advertising space is dedicated to our partners' actual events and not filled with external advertising. This is how we ensure exclusiveness for event organisers and their events. We can also integrate reports and press releases into our news area.

  • Online-Marketing

    • Event dates presented in a running calendar on the mika:timing homepage
    • Events as an advertisement in the running calendar with a direkt link to the event page
    • Integration of reports and press releases into the news area
  • Direct marketing

    We offer event organisers the possibility to contact all participants personally in various ways. We can send electronic messages, for example, by SMS, e-mail or newsletter, which thanks to our mika:timing database can also be sent to ChampionChip owners in order to advertise your event.

    The organiser's flyer can also be included in starter packages in order to address the recipient directly.

    In addition, ChampionChips can be used for direct marketing. Chips can be produced with the desired logo, creating a permanent presence and awareness for the event.

  • Direct marketing

    • Event news via SMS, e-mail or newsletter
    • Flyers included in starter packages
    • Chips produced with desired logo
  • Social media marketing

    mika:timing offers the possibility to integrate the athletes’ participation and results on the most popular social media platforms. Different social media features of Facebook, Twitter and Google+ can be integrated during the online registration, on the result lists or PDF certificates.

  • Social media marketing

    • Different features during online registration, on result lists oder PDF certificates
    • Platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Google+