• Competition-specific registration

    Depending on the requirements profile of the event in question, we can offer single, relay, team and group registrations that are set up and provided with customised text for the booking or registration confirmation and that addresses the participants personally. These confirmation e-mails contain all the relevant information required for payment. When the online registration process is being created it is also possible to include automatic bib number allocation or to allow bib numbers to be chosen.

  • Registration

    • Single, relay, team and group registration
    • Confirmation e-mails
    • Automatic bib number allocation
  • Social media and voucher integration

    Social media integration is also possible, meaning that participants can share the event with friends. The same applies to the integration of voucher codes in the form of percentage-based and absolute discounts. mika:timing makes the requested number of codes available with the desired value so that they can be issued as vouchers and redeemed by participants with online registration.

  • Social media and voucher integration

    • Sharing a participation on Facebook & Twitter
    • Voucher codes
  • Data integrity

    All participant data is transmitted in encrypted form and stored in a data centre protected by mika:timing. In order to safeguard the integrity of the data, several database servers are operated in parallel and backup copies of the data are made at regular intervals. Should a large number of users attempt to access the system simultaneously during registration, they will be handled by the serially connected servers. This infrastructure enables us to easily process a large number of registrations taking place simultaneously.


  • Data integrity

    • Protected and encrypted
    • Regular backup copies
    • Infrastructure enables a large number of registrations at the same time
  • Pre-registration

    mika:timing offers you the option of pre-registration. Pre-registration allows prospective participants to quickly register in advance for an event in an uncomplicated manner and then perform actual registration without stress at a later point in time. In addition to this advantage for participants, it also offers the possibility of drawing lots for start places or other selection functions.


  • Pre-registration

    • Uncomplicated and quick pre-registration
    • Actual registration at a later point of time
    • Integration of drawing lots for start places
  • Login function

    We offer login functions for both single and group registration. The login function allows participants to administer, change or amend their stored data at any time.


  • Login function

    • Single and group registration
    • Administration of the participant data at any time
  • Start lists and statistics

    All start lists are permanently stored and can be accessed at any time. Even years after the event. Predefined filter functions with database-assisted search criteria make it possible to create detailed views of personal data that can be viewed in individual documents using the PDF print function.

    Participant statistics, registration statistics and marketing reports are available to the event organiser to view and to export at all times and can also be predefined using special filters. Our historical database product extends these statistics to include historic participant and result data, which can be used to create comparative statistics spanning several years.

  • Start lists

    • Data can be accessed at any time
    • Detailed views based on filter functions


    • Participant and registrations statistics are exportable
    • Historic participant and result data available via historical database
  • Languages and layout adaptation

    Standard texts are available for your event in German, English, French, Swedish and Dutch. We will also be glad to create text for you in other languages. Simply contact us and tell us what you would like. We can in all cases adapt the text layout to match your event.

  • Languages and layout adaption

    • Texts available in five languages
    • Adaptation of text layout to match event