• Thanks to many years of experience in the field of timing and our own development department, mika:timing is in a position to adapt existing timing systems to special requirements. Here we always follow the latest developments on the market. Timings such as lap times, sprint rankings, split times, net and gross times are determined by our transponder systems in real time and relayed to the event service.

  • ChampionChip

    The ChampionChip is the most successful passive transponder system in Germany and is used all over the world to time running, triathlon, duathlon, marathon, inline skating and cross-country skiing events. A large proportion of leading marathon organisers in Germany depend on us and the feather-light ChampionChip at their events because the ChampionChip not only provides exact results but is also environmentally friendly since it can be reused. Chip recognition is permanently assured since the transponder is protected in a robust plastic casing. This prevents the chip from being damaged through incorrect handling or weather effects. We supply a sufficient quantity of chips, with only those transponders actually used being invoiced.

    A further advantage of the ChampionChip is that it is so widely used. Many runners already have their own ChampionChip, which is why the demand for borrowed chips is usually below 50%. This significantly reduces your costs, while the ChampionChip combined with our online registration and the cashless chip model offers an innovative package of services. The transponder system requires no deposit fees and can be permanently branded with the event or sponsor's logo.

    Besides the event organiser, the use of the ChampionChip also offers runners benefits. Athletes can fully concentrate on themselves during the competition since they do not need to run through specific timing points where they could be distracted.

  • ChampionChip

    • Passive transponder system
    • Environmentally friendly and robust
    • Widely used
    • Innovative in combination with the cashless chip model
    • Chips can be branded with logos
  • Active transponder systems

    High tech for high speed! Mass sprints, mountain stages and high final speeds place exacting demands on timing technology. Which is why active transponders are used for small starting fields in professional sports as well as for mass amateur races. In order to satisfy the high demands, the chips are based on a particularly sophisticated transponder architecture – similar to the ChampionChip – that guarantees exact results, fast availability and a high level of service. Benefits that convince participants and organisers alike.

  • Active transponder systems

    • Prochip and J-Chip available
    • Suited for high speed
    • Useful for professional sports and amateur races
    • Exact results and fast availability
  • MikaTag

    The MikaTag is a fixed element of the bib number. The bib ensures the automatic, optimum attachment of the transponder. Thanks to its ease of use, the MikaTag is ideal for events with a high proportion of hobby runners such as corporate or student runs. The tag does not need to be returned, allowing participants to take their bib number home as souvenirs. mika:timing supplies the bib number with the MikaTag already included ready for use.

  • MikaTag

    • Transponder fixed element of bib number
    • Ideal for corporate or student runs
    • No return oft he tag needed